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History of Rio Vista School

Rio Vista Elementary School was so named because of its proximity to the Rio Hondo River, which played such a huge part in the lives of the community that settled around it. Many refugees of the Mexican Revolution headed north for sanctuary and a new life. Some settled in the land around the river near Rio Vista because agriculture around here offered a way to make a living. Around 1916, John Hicks created a living area for the laborers who worked for the farmers and ranchers. The area was known as Hicksville, and later became known as Hicks Camp. The living conditions were rough, however the spirit and endurance of the families who inhabited Hicks Camp made it a strong community.

Rio Vista Elementary School was built between 1954-1956 to provide schooling for the descendants of the Hicks Camp families. The school has become a beacon for kids and families to get a great education that enables them to move forward and access the elements of being successful students and productive community members. The same spirit that made them a community in the challenging Hicks Camp days still exists in the efforts of the staff and students as we all work to bring them to the realization and development of their potential.

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