National Finals Operation Tone-Up

Rio Vista School competed in the National Finals for Operation Tone- Up.  The event was held at Embassy Suites in Arcadia with Rio Vista competing against Randall School from Payson, Arizona.  It was quite an exciting event. El Monte City School District Superintendent, Dr. Maribel Garcia commented, “What an exciting opportunity for kids to showcase their knowledge and skills acquired over these many years.”



The first part of the competition was the physical challenge. Each team had to participate in a grueling highly aerobic routine set to music that lasted well over 20 minutes.  Teams were judged on proper form, endurance and transitions from one activity to the next.  The score for both teams was tied after this challenge.



Rio Vista parent Enrique Mercado, spoke of his competing fifth grade daughter Amanda, “My daughter is really into this.  She reads nutrition labels.  She exercises. She is conscientious about what she puts in her mouth.”



Former EMCSD superintendent Jeff Seymour said of Operation Tone-Up, “This is a great program that puts policy into practice combating the scourge of diabetes and hypertension.  Our data shows that this program accomplishes that.”



The second part of competition consisted of rounds of quiz show style questions. Competitors went head-to-head to answer questions that ranged from why proper warm up before physical activity is important to the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. Randall School edged out Rio Vista by just two points to claim the championship.



Both schools were proud to be competing on the national level. The health and fitness knowledge and skills acquired by all of the competitors will serve them well throughout their life.  In this regard, they are all winners.



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